About Us

Welcome to Xpress Dontics, a Laboratory for all your Orthodontic, Peodontic and General Dentistry related needs…. A Laboratory that inculcates State of Art methods, to give great quality in fabricated appliances, that too in quick turn-over time.

This high quality, contemporary Appliances will go that extra mile, for you to achieve those great treatment outcomes that you strive so hard to get. Further these well-crafted appliances will not only make it easier for you reach greater goals in terms of treatment rendered, but also be comfortable for the patients to wear them thereby increasing the compliance quotient, which is so imperative for improved and stable treatment outcome. These appliances also make the chair-side chores a pleasurable task. We have now taken our passion of building quality orthodontic appliances to an entirely different level in the orthodontic profession.

Whether you are a current client or not, we invite you to try out our appliances and we are certain, you would want more of it. You are most welcome!

How did it all start?

A group Orthodontic and Prosthodontic professionals, practicing their trade for many decades, realized the acute need of a ‘Professional Laboratory’ that can serve the Orthodontic and Pediatric community in particular and Dentistry in general, with state of art appliances, that meet the need of practicing clinicians to reach their high-end treatment expectations.

Since no such facilities were in the offer, they decided to set-up a lab that can fill the vacuum effectively. With this focus ‘Xpress Dontics’ was born.

The first task was to find a good technician, who can devote full time, to deliver the quality and time, so that the lab can meet its targets. Mr. Sudesh Jadhav, a technician who had worked with one of our group-Orthodontist, for more than a decade and half, joined the lab. With much informed and experienced ‘Knowledge Panel’ advising the Technicians regularly, you can certainly be assured of contemporary trends and quality in all the products that emanate from ‘Xpress Dontics’.

Mission Statement

  • Our products will be delivered on time, every time - within 3 working days in Lab turn around.
  • We never take our Clients for granted.
  • We acknowledge and quickly act upon any concerns our Clients may have.
  • We believe our Clients give quality care and treatment to their Patients, so Excellence and perfection goes into everything we do.
  • The value of our products is based solely on our high level of quality and service.
  • Our clients will receive the best customer service. We strive to give you the “personal touch”.
  • Our craftsmanship and attention to detail exceeds all other orthodontic laboratories.
  • We have a fabulous ‘Knowledge Panel’ to advise us, strive to be a pioneer in the new and state of the art design and technology of our appliances and the equipment used to produce them.

Client Benefits

Start here to see why Xpress Dontics should be your first choice for a laboratory

Guaranteed On Time Delivery

All products are guaranteed to be delivered, On Time Every Time

Free Shipping Both Ways

We pay all shipping to and from our laboratory and there is no minimum of cases per box.

Quick Turnaround Time

All appliances are only 3 Days in Lab!

Free Retainer Case with ALL Removable Appliances

We provide a Free “Retainer Container” with all removable appliances.

No Hassles on Remake

For whatever reason, remakes do happen! If and when they do occur,We do not penalize anyone for a few remakes. All remakes are FREE, no questions asked. We monitor each client monthly and Individualize accordingly.

Who we are:

We are a bunch of dedicated professionals, here to give our best to augment your treatment potentials….

Chief Technician: Mr. Sudesh Jadhav

A seasoned Technician, with more than two decades in the industry and most sought after for his technical brilliance and skilled wired wire manipulations for all occasions to fulfill the grueling needs of task oriented clinicians. His track record speaks for his attributes, one of which is spending a decade, with a renowned quality-oriented, high end Orthodontic practice. Thereafter, another decade as a free-lancer in the industry horned his skills. He doesn’t give up easily, and is prepared to do all the hard work till he gets the quality goals, that he sets for himself.

Associate Technicians: Mr. Sadanad Jadhav

Sada spent almost four decades in reputed Bombay Hospital in different positions. Much of this time in Dental Specialty Clinic, Bombay Hosp., as a Dental Lab Assistant as well as Lab Technician. Soft spoken and affable Sada will act as the General Manager as well as Associate Technician to give added support technical requirement as well as logistic management of the Xpress Dontics. He will ensure the timely turnover of all appliances

Office Coordinator: Ms. Uma Nair

A graduate with a pleasant demeanor and penchant for efficient ‘Front Office’ management, with a working experience of more than a decade and half with a leading high end Orthodontic office. She will manage all the consumer inter-act with all the clinicians using the Lab. She will make sure all the ‘express’ needs of Clinicians needs are serviced in a timely manner. She will also deal with all accounting matters rising out of the business side.

Advisory Resource Panel:

Dr. Mani K Prakash MDS
Dr. Anil Varshney MDS
Dr. Nikhil Sathe MDS
Dr. Ms. Priyanka Desai MDS

Dr. Sandeep Shetty MDS
The panel consists of professionals, enjoying decades of experience and knowhow to contribute to technical excellence and also make certain that the service provided is of top quality….come try out the great package….